Graphic design, systems design


In 2015, I joined GoldieBlox as their graphic design intern. At the time, GoldieBlox produced toy kits with modular parts that could be put together in different ways to make a car, a zipline, a zoetrope, and so on. GoldieBlox has since pivoted away from their modular kits, but I’ve kept a few pieces I like to tinker with.

One of the challenges of providing instructions for the toys is making it clear how the pieces would fit together. Traditionally, GB used either CAD models or hand-drawn illustrations. The CAD models are clear, but lack the kind of warmth and fun that the GB brand provides while the illustrations are time intensive.

Using the existing flat vector illustration of parts, I created 3D models of each part from different angles in isometric space. This way, the parts could be arranged in an exploded view, easily showing how to put different builds together.