workshop development, internal tool development, organization design

MINA Foundation

I was invited by the UME collective to help with a series of workshops with the MINA Foundation, a group of leaders in the MINA Protocol. The goal was to produce a set of internal tools that would address the specific concerns of the MINA Foundation as they grew their blockchain community while retaining their collaborative nature. Later in the year, we also worked closely with the leadership team to develop a roadmap for the foundation, resulting in an internal storytelling document to provide context and roadmap.

Much of the work involved simplifying complex ideas and concepts into visual diagrams that could be easily shared. Here are a few concepts with the content removed for confidentiality.

Over three months through remote workshops, we met with the MINA Foundation to parse out the needs, what platforms would work for the globally distributed team, and collaborated on building out the tools themselves.

With the shift to working remote, many of the workshops took place online, making it an interesting challenge to streamline the user-interactions during a facilitated Zoom call. We tested FigmaJam, Miro, Google Slides, Vowel, and many other combinations of collaborative platforms before we found what worked for us and MINA.

One of the specific tools that emerged was the codifying of the MINA Improvement Proposal, a way for anyone in the MINA community to submit an idea to change the protocol for broad review. Working closely with the MINA team, we identified the technical steps that went into a proposal, then refined the workflow to make it accessible and transparent.