experience design, workshop development, event design


I started doing purpose work at SYP by working with strategists and project managers to design various exercises for workshops, the physical or digital materials to accompany them, and/or taking and synthesizing the workshop findings into visually-digestible artifacts. At times, we take over a physical space and design the experience from the ground up.

Purpose work is the behind the scenes workshops and conversations that help company leaders to create guides for how their work relates to the outside world and/or how to disseminate that information internally. Often working with C-suite members or dedicated teams within companies, purpose work can range from overarching mission statements to a company roadmap for the next three years to toolkits to help anyone in the organization run a meeting.

I’ve worked with clients such as:

  • Google
  • Apple
  • The Gates Foundation
  • Nike
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • The Emerson Collective

Due to the nature of this work, it’s not often I get to talk about specifics. Instead, here is an abbreviated list of a the things I've made:

  • the initial workshop materials for Leading Into the Unknown
  • an app dedicated to talking about the Dream Act
  • over 70 Processing generated arrows
  • a podcast made from an employee survey
  • a corrugated cardboard base to display a gallery of favorite objects
  • a small room made by draping 16-foot posters over industrial stage scaffolding
  • a website made of user-submitted inspirational purpose statements
  • a VR app in Unity
  • a projection mapped slideshow
  • a magazine comprised of over 30 handwritten quotes from an employee pulse survey
  • 37 distinct pieces of collateral and digital materials for a conference of 3200
  • a blog